The Orthodox Missionary Organization "Route of Agape" (Poreia Agapis) was established on September 2009 in the city of Larissa, Greece.
Its goal is to support and strengthen the Orthodox Mission all over the world.
After six years of continuous offer, our Organization has built a clinic in North Tanzania, a house (presbyterio) in Bukoba of North Tanzania. Also, "Route of Agape" has sent and keep sending numerous packages of clothes, toys, medicines, and educational stuff where there is need.
Concerning the sector of catechesis, our Organization sent staff to the Archdiocese of North Tanzania & Mwanza and to the Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda during these years.
Moreover, "Route of Agape" provides help and support in its own country by accumulating clothes, toys, food and visiting other institutions such as hospitals, prisons.
Now, during this difficult era, our Council, members and friends of the Organization "Route of Agape" (Poreia Agapis), bound to continue offering and providing the necessities for "thy neighbour" (Mat 22:39), whoever he may be.